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Our Retreats:

We try to provide a unique experience to each of our clients. After you contact us, we will create a unique itinerary for you depending on your needs, amount of days available, climbing expertise, and other considerations. 

Here's a bit of what we do: 

Climbing Areas: 

  • Cachí (Cartago Province)

  • Pico Blanco (San José Province)

  • Malpaís / Santa Teresa (Puntarenas Province)

  • Providencia de Dota (San José Province)

  • Monteverde (Puntarenas Province)

  • Líbano (Guanacaste Province)

Climbing Styles: 

  • Bouldering

  • Sport Climbing / Multipitch

  • Deep Water Soloing

  • Tree Climbing

Yoga & Surfing:

We can combine climbing with Yoga and / or Surfing classes. 

Other Activities: 

  • Waterfalls

  • Coffee Tours

  • Hikes

  • Birdwatching

  • Music Classes

Contact us: 

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