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Rock Climbing in Providencia / Cerro de la Muerte

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Providencia de Dota belongs to the "Zona de los Santos", renowned for high quality coffee and its beautiful landscapes. It is located in "Cerro de la Muerte", in the Province of San José, although you have to access through the city of Cartago.

For Sport Climbing and Bouldering, it's advisable to go in summer because it's a very humid area and rocks can become quite moldy and dirty. However, it's a beautiful area to visit year round, because of its pristine rivers and waterfalls, coffee farms, hikes, tree climbing, and the kindness of its people.

How to get there:

To get around Costa Rica the best way is using a car and a driving app such as Google Maps or Waze. Just type "Providencia de Dota" and it will take you right to the town center. From the top of the "Ruta Interamericana Sur" or "Ruta 2" that takes you from San José to Perez Zeledón, you exit right coming from San José right after the famous restaurant "Chespiritos #1". From here you have about 10 kms downhill to reach the center of Providencia.


You can find the best Bouldering Guide, made by Sierra Allen, following the link below. She put in a ton of work to make this available so please give her a donation:

Important Considerations:
  • Some of the boulders are located in private property so please be mindful of this. Ask for permission, don't take any fruits or vegetables growing in these farms, and give a tip to the families that are allowing you in.

  • Bring sunscreen, insect repellant, a wind breaker, a sweater, and a bathing suit.

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